Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The grand reveal of Primal Homeskillet!

Katie's Backstory

After many years of unsuccessful diets, unwittingly unhealthy eating habits, sugar crashes, complications from hypoglycemia, exercise misfortunes, and a general feeling of disappointment, I had finally found Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint. I had been part of the high carb, low fat, chronic cardio craze that eventually resulted in weight gain, injury, and continual sickness.

In late April 2011, I discovered Primal Blueprint and the paleo lifestyle. Primal Blueprint completely challenged my previous notions of nutrition, particularly the importance of animal fat in the human diet. I was also blown away by how easily our dietary habits have been influenced by grain producers, Big Pharma, etc. After performing some of my own research, I delved into the primal philosophy with enthusiasm - no grain, no/limited dairy, no processed food, lots of fat, lots of veggies, lots of meat. I continue to lose weight and gain muscle at an outstanding pace. 

Why Primal Homeskillet?

I have fallen completely in love with primal food. In the words of a friend who also follows the paleo lifestyle,  "It's hard to call primal a diet when it's so delicious." I love to cook and consider myself very creative in developing primal meals for me and my husband. I wish to use this blog to update readers on my progress, but also to share ideas for making primal food a fun and interesting part of everyday life. I tend to adapt recipes from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook as well as tweak recipes from my childhood and elsewhere. I'll also post variations on a particular recipe to stimulate creativity in your own cooking. Primal living is an adventure, and I'm happy to partake.

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