Saturday, July 7, 2012

Did someone order the "23rd Birthday Special?"

Another year over! Today on July 7th, I celebrate my 23rd year of life on Nirn... I mean Gaia... I mean Tatooine... you know... the Third Rock from the Sun!

My mother flew in yesterday from Florida. It's her first time in California, so we've been giving her the Oakland treatment, which consists of lots of walking up and down hills. Sorry Mom.

I don't drink coffee very often and I don't keep it in the house, so we walked to Gaylord's Coffee on Piedmont Ave. so my mom could get her morning coffee. Her and my husband hung out in a nearby antique store while I got my hair cut. We then went to the Grand Lake Farmer's Market and ate Thai food, drank mango and strawberry lassi made with local yogurt, and bought lots of fresh produce for the week. We then took my mom to see my school, then went to Redwood Regional Park for a little hike through the redwood forest. After that, we came home and I did my "23rd Birthday Special" workout, which I will now share with you.

Joint mobility warm-up. I always start with this.

Now a workout based on the number 23*.

23 heavy swings
1 TGU each side

9 cleans and presses each side
5 double cleans and presses

Rows x 23 each side
Pushups x 23
Leg raises x 23
Pushups x 23
x 2

5 goblet squats
9 figure 8s in both directions

23 calf raises

Farmer's walk around my building
x 2

Joint mobility again, which how I always end my workout.

For dinner, we went out to Marica, where I ordered raw oysters, mussels, and a rare prime ribeye steak. Completely epic.

Then I came home to a Facebook that was chock-full of terrific birthday greetings!

Happy Birthday to me! What a great year! Moving to California, graduate school, becoming an HKC, and making music! I'm looking forward to what this coming year will bring!

*Ideas for this workout were adapted from "The 38 Special Birthday Workout" from

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  1. Third Rock was a funny show. Happy Birthday to one of the most fantastic people I know!